Scoping the Field: Event on April 1

A panel discussion on the international developments in artificial intelligence

Monday, April 1

1:30 pm-4:00 pm

CNA Headquarters

3003 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

CNA and its Center for Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence invite you to join us for a discussion on international and adversarial developments in the area of artificial intelligence.

As the geopolitical paradigm shifts to an era of great power competition, the U.S. and peer competitors, including Russia and China, see AI and autonomous weapons as critical enablers that will provide a military edge in this new environment. With that in mind, the effective development of AI technology is vital for improving the competitive edge of the United States, the major goal of the 2018 National Defense Strategy.

To meet this goal, it is essential that U.S. national security professionals understand how our competitors plan to leverage AI and autonomous weapons. They must also remember that the U.S. is not in this fight alone. Through cooperation and interoperability with its allies, the U.S. can lead a combined research effort on AI. CNA analyst Samuel Bendett, an expert on Russia’s AI and autonomous weapons programs, will sit down with the Center for New American Security’s (CNAS) Elsa Kania, whose breakthrough research covers Chinese military innovation in emerging technologies including AI, and Jack Watling from RUSI, who will discuss initiatives within the UK. Together they will discuss how the U.S. can work with allies and outpace its peer-competitors in the field of AI. Join us at CNA for this discussion followed by a question and answer period.

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